Challenge #03326-I038: One Letter's Difference

The human is baking cookies and adds dried craisins (raisins made out of cranberries) instead of normal raisins. Needless to say, it becomes quite a hit as it's not as sweet as the normal oatmeal raisin cookies. Well, a hit with the rest of the crew, their significant other? Well, hey, for the first time baking cookies, they guess it wasn't too bad. -- Anon Guest

"You're not supervising?" Rose tried not to panic ze had only been learning how to cook for a week.

Liam smiled. "You've got this, grasshopper. I've taught you everything you need to know. You can pick a recipe, follow the instructions, and you know what the instructions mean[1]. I believe in you." He patted hir on the shoulder, and left hir alone.

That was some hours ago. Rose had taken things step by step and the result looked... mostly like the picture. At least the dough had turned into a lovely golden-brown. Ze worried about the raisins though. No mysterious cooking chemistry had turned them dark. They were still red.

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