Sunday, Day 0, Enough sleep?

Three new cases, one domestic and two imported. Seventy-four active, all of them are in hospital, and two of them are in the ICU. This now reveals that my math has been off about everything this entire time. Yay.

Ugh. At least I've learned that those in ICU are a subset of those in hospital.

Still not looking at the news. The lockdown and global shenanigans combined to make me sleep a lot because anxiety and depression can synergise like that. I don't feel like the Lockdown Sleepies are over yet. I can hope, but I'm still constantly tired and IDK how much of this is due to egg-shaped chocolate season.

After it is done, I shall be back on IRON HARD Keto for a week. Full on broth and fasting and suchlike. See if that works.

Today, my goals are thus:

  1. Write the Instant
  2. Maybe catch the Tale Foundry stream if I'm awake for that
  3. Enjoy too much chocolate
  4. Maybe catch up on Critical Role

Simple goals. Simple day. Simple writer.

...complicated stories.