Sunday, Day 0, Door Day

Plague news: Seven new cases - six local, one import. One hundred and sixty-five total cases, forty-one in hospital and one in the ICU.

We have one door painted and ready for the rest of the nonsense. Which is waiting on my personal energies. Which is not a thing on Sundays -_-

Beloved has made the unwise decision to keep my hours with me. I may never know why they decided this, but it's their bad decision to make.

I am looking into unifying my icons, having the logo across all my nonsense so people will know my thing wherever I am. I'm also thinking of adding my specific pride flags to my Twitter handle. That's a thing people do now. So. In order: Nonbinary, Pansexual, Demisexual.

I've been called a freak since I was a smol, so this particular part of exposing my truths is not going to change much. It is possible to be all of those things at once, and I am proof.

The only block between this and fully public is my ability to do emojis.

In the news:

  • NSW panic-shops the shelves bare and there's cops at the shops now
  • Australia joins international training maneouvres in counter to China's aggressive moves in the oceans near us. China won't be pleased, the news says. No firkin shit, says I
  • Plague
  • News finally paying attention to the victims of the latest 'lone wolf' incel with issues and a gun
  • Proposal to rename "English" subject to "Language arts" doesn't do much if they're still teaching the English language

My stream is following TaleFoundry's stream today.