Challenge #03124-H215: Essential Enforcement

It's from this, but more from the prompts.

The lords of the realm now must face the wrath of their people. But rather than being killed, their people turn on them and drag them before the king in chains demanding the king teach these errant lords a lesson about mistreating the people they are supposed to care for. -- DaniAndShali

"Well, this is an interesting development," said the King. The people had revolted against their revolting lords, but had not gone so far as killing them. Lord Baisingr was in chains before the highest court in the realm. Not just judged by his peers, but also the people.

Lord Baisingr, stripped of most of his finery and locked in stocks, had to protest. "This isn't my fault! This isn't fair! These foolish bumpkins have no idea what's good for them!"

The King and his attending Knives sat silently for a time. The Knives exchanged looks between each other before Kris stepped forward. "You paid bards to spread lies about why people like me were dying of starvation and disease. Why there were no houses protected against the cold of winter, or why the price of firewood was so high. I would say it is your fault."

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