Monday, Day 0, AAAAAHHH!

Plague news: one new case, an import. Finally, a local doughnut day! There's still one hundred and forty-five total active cases, with thirty-four in hospital and one in the ICU.

There is some immense relief going on in my heart with this news. Beloved has come to some revelations over the past week and we are headed for some reveals at an unspecified time in the future.

Our relationship persists, despite opinions about identities from the family. I can say it will result in happier people household-wide. Other stuff will be happening in person.

That will remain to be seen.

In the news:

  • Taliban conquering all sorts of territory
  • More deaths from the plague
  • Army called in to deal with the Knomiras in NSW
  • Speaking of Knomiras, one of them threw a one-thousand-person party
  • Exported UK Knomira claims she's back in Aus, but we know she's lying
  • Country about to vanish from rising oceans

Onwards to the rest of my nonsense.