Sunday, Continuing Shenanigans

There might not be a game night tonight? My crew of maniacs have no other plns and might call the whole thing off.

Which might make Monday a bit more interesting. Or less so.

Monday's stream may be heinously late because I slept all firkin night. We shall see.

Beloved is visiting Capt. S again and things aren't looking too happy for her. I have other shenanigans and can't be there and fulfill audience expectations and stay sane.

I have finished the format edits of Adapting and am one more filtering pass away from having a collection of potential publishers. And then I have to gather samples for submission processes, derive summaries and bait blurbs and so on. And learn how to do marketing FFS...

At least I can wrangle the samples and the summaries and the bios. So I'll do that first. Some potential publishers might be shoved into the "too hard" basket as a result of the marketing thing.

Ehhh... I will get there in the fullness of time. I shall have to have a calendar of book flickings. Because after Adapting, I may be moving out other works. Which is going to be "fun".

Read: "exhausting".

I am going to be a shattered mess by the time I finally sell something to someone.

Fingers crossed, I am ready for the next bit.

...I'm scared...