I've learned another lesson: Don't try to get fancy with my bread scoring. My loaves split in the wrong way, but they're still tasty bread and they're still going out to the peeps I promised them to. Lord alone knows how, but they're both going out on Monday afternoon.


Between then and now, I have PLNs to go forth and acquire vegetables. There shall be lots of cooking and packing pre-made meals. Plus documenting the same on my foodie blog.

I have learned not to put creamy sauces into the meals I freeze, because those things will break down when reheated and look gross.

It's going to be a LOOONNNNG weekend for me. Expensive, too. On the other hand, I shall have balanced nutrition for potential months when I am done. And I shall be VERY done when I am finished.

I shall attempt to enlist Beloved's help with all of this nonsense, but I suspect most of it will be just me. Ah well. I shall catch up on my rest soon enough.

The good news for my writing is that I was able to maintain my one hundred words a day for five days of the week. Next week, tired, busy, or not, I shall be writing two hundred a day, and seeing how I go with that. Careful monitoring of my energy levels is a must in this time.

I also attempted to do the journal again, and I need to lay my hands on a proper nib, or some proper ink for a glass pen because mixing my own is proving to be a pain in the butt.


Onwards to today's tale. May I write it quickly.