Meal Prep

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A Case of the Mondays

Saturday was acquisition. Sunday was prep. I managed to accomplish:

  • Butter mushrooms
  • Thin coodles(cabbage noodles)
  • 1 big batch of cauli mash
  • Butter-fried eggplants

I did create broodles [broccoli noodles] but I haven't cooked those yet and I should probs give those bad boys a light steaming. That's something that can happen today.

Today's plans include watching Toasty stream [it's 1AM right now], writing, and cooking up some meat portions to go with some veg into a few prepped meals. Mostly because I've run out of spaces to put the yield and spaces to store it.

I may also do up a green fry with the leftovers-so-far, but my misadventures in meal prep have to happen first.

We have created a very nice cheesy zucchini casserole, adapted from an online recipe, something the family enjoyed. Of course, there's only half left, so we shall be making more anon. Possibly with more variety of veg.

I do need to do something with the Kale I have. Perhaps that crustless quiche I was yammering about at one point.

Covid news has slowed to a trickle, which could be a good thing, but I still feel that the plague is still out there and still about to cause more mayhem.

Onwards to an attempt at today's tale!

Meal Prep Extravaganza

I have spent very close to three hundred and fifty-five dollars on ingredients, almost all of which shall be turned into tasty pre-prepared meals because my default mode is heat-then-eat.

There's a lot of cauliflower, and I was able to get some ENORMOUS mutant cauliflower, so that means a lot of cauli mash. Delish.

I might be attempting a crustless quiche [aka "Egg Casserole"] at some point later in the day. There's going to be a LOT of cooking. Alongside the cauliflower,

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I've learned another lesson: Don't try to get fancy with my bread scoring. My loaves split in the wrong way, but they're still tasty bread and they're still going out to the peeps I promised them to. Lord alone knows how, but they're both going out on Monday afternoon.


Between then and now, I have PLNs to go forth and acquire vegetables. There shall be lots of cooking and packing pre-made meals. Plus documenting the same on my foodie blog.


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