Still Exhausted

I can't sleep, my body is tired, my brain is wired, and my eyes don't know where they are. Let's get today over with so I can try again tomorrow.

Apparently, I have to be willing to help Beloved cut mask pieces because they really don't want to do that one thing. Sigh. So I have to have razor-sharp timing to catch a moment when we both have time to spare and oomph to do something.

Not gonna lie, that's hard.

Today's going to be an uphill battle to get things done and still be awake by four in the afternoon. Speaking of, I forgot my Patreon shenanigans in all the palaver.

Here's my yesterday:

  • Valiant attempt to focus on Instant before I go visit my shrink
  • Interrupted by Mayhem and his over-the-horizon radar for me trying to do a think inside a time limit
  • Nearly accomplished before had to run
  • Took wrong turn on the way because lane hogs -_-
  • Got there with NO time to publish
  • Spend the ENTIRE session venting spleen about the covidiots
  • Parcel arriveth! Trip home side-tracked into picking up Drobo power supply
  • Home again, publish and then unfuck compy nonsense
  • Which took WAY longer than it should have
  • Including emotional drain

So I was in bed before 4PM and DONE with life. A state temporarily relieved by sourdough base pizza and illegal churros [as in: illegal for my Keto diet, not illegal in this country] and THE LONGEST SLEEP.

I did watch something new - a nocumentary called Tiny Creatures which is the exact opposite of a documentary. Scripted literal set pieces of smol adorable critters facing every single obstacle with a narrator who sounds scarily similar to Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Credit to Beloved for the word "nocumentary". It's not a documentary. It's not a mockumentary [which is a parody of the documentary genre]. It's a nocumentary.

Much though I appreciate performing animals, there's only so much horseshit I can tolerate at this stage in my life, so if I watch any more of it, it's going to be through the lens of artistic appreciation.

In other news:

  • Some people might not like wearing masks because not wearing masks makes people abusive towards them about it? What? Dude, they were already not wearing masks. What was the instigating incident?
  • I have questions for the conspiracy mob who think this plague is a hoax. Chiefly - who's profiting?
  • Putin declares his vaccine a success to the point where he's tested it on his daughter. That's a big balls move, but I note he didn't test it on himself. Hmmm.
  • Muppet fails history once more by claiming the "1917" flu pandemic ended WWII. That's two fails for the price of one.
  • There's so much shitfuckery orbiting this year's US Election that there may be no winner declared at all. Muppet will declare victory no matter what - calling it now.
  • Someone shot a gun three blocks from the White House and they went into Severe Lockdown Protocol. Paranoid much?
  • Kids once claimed to be immune to the plague now revealed to have chains of symptoms that last for months on end. They're calling themselves "long haulers" and join the huge crowds of people betrayed by Greater Commerce
  • Rich Man who wanted to sacrifice the elderly to the Bull God so Line Would Go Up now hated by thousands in move that should shock nobody.

Why did I wake up?

WHY did I wake up?