Some Good News PLS?

My favourite band in the whole wide world fired two members for bad behaviour. I'll drop the phrase "sexual misconduct" and leave the entire issue there. Ironically, the former member most vilified for such is also the most apologetic. The other one continues with the denial.


The band will continue, hopefully with better people in charge of certain areas.

Queensland is accepting somewhere in the region of 4K people (with permits) and anyone with Victoria number-plates is going to get some intense scrutiny. Plus they have random testing of literally everyone coming through, so there's hope for my future.

Cases in Victoria are doubling every five days and I'm still pointing my finger at the Karen Squads who think they're above the rules. Also the dude who was caught "spit shining" shopping baskets. Yeeesh.

About the only bright points in my life left are podcasts I love coming back. I got The Adventure Zone happening bi-weekly. I got Critical Role happening every Friday, and they're doing Narrative Telephone once a week as well. It's beautiful and lovely to look forward to.

I just... wish I had more.

I want to see a looming hope that the plague is going to end. I want to see fascism itself die a very painful death and maybe take a few of its more outspoken figureheads with it. I want to see this world become a better place.

I want to go shopping without being afraid of my fellow shoppers' bad manners.

I want my hope back.

Anyway, I'm staying online long enough to post my CYOA over on AO3 and do my Instant and then I'm retreating to whatever comfort I can grab. Hopefully that includes something indulgent from Messirs Ben and Jerry.

CYOA on AO3 first. Then Instant. Then I'm gone.