So. How do I pitch something to Netflix?

In case you haven't heard, Toastyhat/Emptyfeet has finished her second video which is potentially part of a trilogy or more depending entirely on her moods and desires to get anything done. Even as a duology, it has a happy ending and I am glad of it :)

But I really want to see this entire thing as an animated series on Netflix. Because I think it deserves it. I would binge the living shit out of something like that. It's that awesome.

You are reading the blog of someone who has watched the original video like a quijillion times. I plan on watching them both a quijillion times more.

It's been a slow morning for me and I need to get rattling very soon. It's almost time to watch for Chaos' bus. Which, in turn, means that I'm going to start the 3K words for KOSBOB in this week.

I also need to find some time to edit/record some more of Inter-Mission. And I need to keep track of the weeks now because last Friday was the last D&D sesh for this year.

Speaking of D&D... I'm starting the second coat of the base colours. Kids - white is THE most pernicious colour you will EVER use, so use sparingly if you use it at all because YIKES. Fortunately, it paints over real easy and is forgiving if you dotpaint with it.

Dotpainting - I don't know if this exists but it should. With a moist brush, get a TINY little dot on the tip and apply said dot to the detail you want it on. You can manipulate said dot if you got fine motor control.

Yes it takes ages, yes my myopic arse was squinting between paint pot and mini, and yes, I am HIGHLY satisfied with what dotpainting can do. My dude is looking excellent IMHO.

I plan on darkening up my indigo a smidge for his hair, then using that as a wash to bring out his locks. See if it has a net effect. I foresee a LOT of touch-ups in my future. Hooray, dotpainting.

The time is to wriggle, so let's get on with the day.