Challenge #02517-F327: Kintsugi Badass

The person was a bodyguard, and damn good at their job. However, others did not realize this when they saw the person. Sure the legs could have been replaced long ago with what they made from their work, but it was rather amusing when an enemy saw the bracings and the skin suit covered stumps, and assumed the lack of legs meant being helpless. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, when the Human was in a good mood, they called themselves Brad the Broken. Certainly, this Ships' Human had been through more than their share of the wars. That was a metaphor. Human Brad has never seen combat, but they are certainly injured as if they had done so. One leg was gone below the knee. The other was just a stump below the hip. They had, perhaps, half of a hand left on one arm. The other arm was artificial below the elbow.

Human Brad had broken every bone in their body. Their synthetic replacement parts potentially outweighed the mass of their original ones, so to speak. They had had most of their internal organs replaced, including one eye and a delicate, artificial tympanum inside one ear. Sometimes, they would joke that they were more scar than skin. In just their Skins, it was easy to believe that they were almost entirely helpless.

That was what the Pirates of Zendrassi thought, too. They managed to hack Human Brad's livesuit and, while they were incapacitated, the pirates stripped Human Brad of every replacement technology that could be easily removed. Surely, they reasoned, a Human with one eye, half a hand, and possibly seventy percent of one leg could not be much of a problem. They didn't know about Human determination very well.

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