So Far...

It's headed towards the end of the week and I'm incrementally progressing on getting things done. This week, I managed to get all of my scheduled output online on time instead of derping out and forgetting for a majority of the time.

Tomorrow promises to be bread day(tm) and I'm actually pondering doing a wholemeal run and a whitebread run consecutively because some dough just rises quicker. The problem is - I no longer have proper lining for my proofing baskets. Beloved promised me some new ones, but... I don't think they're going to happen by tomorrow.

I have tea towels. I can improvise. I have promised loaves to people and I should probably do something about that anyway.

Soon, I shall have the stoneground flour necessary to make 100% healthy loaves and then there shall be a discussion regarding the starters and what's happening with them.

There's periodic outbreaks in NSW, but no news about Queensland. I get the feeling that the news is NSW-centric unless something horrible happens anywhere else. More nursing homes are isolating the residents and crossing their fingers. I really need to get my keister in gear with that Polite PPE slideshow for Chaos' school [and anyone who needs it].

It's almost Bus O'Clock. I should perhaps start working on the thing.