Challenge #02688-G131: Big and Loud

In the depts of the Archive, a Song was found. It was made Public property.

Naturally, Pax Humanis found a good use for it....

(Sorry, Not Sorry!) ;-) -- Mike

[AN: Warning for ten-hour video. Please don't do that to us again?]

War is an endless cycle. Tactics circle around and come blasting back from the past. In such cases, the siege turns an impasse into an endurance test. Of course, there are strategies to make certain a siege ends faster than the defending side expected.

Tactics that include flooding the base, attacking the supplies, sapping the walls, and psychological warfare. Only some of this has been banned by the Cogniscent Rights Committee. As far as battle tactics are concerned, sound assaults are a potential grey zone. The volume must not exceed a certain amount of decibels, and the frequency limit has been tested against all known tolerances.

Thus, when Pax Humanis has a siege, they have an approved playlist for the sonic assaults. This does not stop the besiegers from applying their own variations. They did maintain the songs on the list, according to the very letter of the law. The variation was in the spirit.

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