So close!

I have one post waiting for bolts. One more post waiting to be situated that needs some judicious grinding to get it to fit. Alas, Mayhem was silly enough to wear bare feet on the building site yesterday, so we need him to remember his firkin boots, this time around.

It's so close to the next step. Even with muddy ground.

I just want this DONE, dangit.

Speaking of getting things done, I've been able to get 1K words into Kingdom of Sand per diem so I might be done with my 3K this week by tonight. More time for me to do the fun fanfics that I love to do.

Today's agenda includes a rant for Wordpress, and Dummins I forgot to run the poll this week. I'll take a look at what I've got going and flip a coin or something. It's not that I have a lot of topics to rant about.

With good fortune and some clever jiggery-pokery, we might be ready to have concrete put in within days. Cross your fingers crossed for me folks, I need me loads of sunshine.