Challenge #02365-F175: Motivational Inspiration -- Anon Guest

It was vaguely conical, and smaller than the most popular cars of the late Terran Twentieth Century. This was a vessel designed to get three Humans back to their planet after a long and perilous journey to truly hostile territory. There was just enough room for three Humans and all the samples they had gathered while they were up there.

What was more worrying was the landing craft for their missions to the moon. Computational power had barely reached past the Babbage Machine, and some of the most important elements were hard-coded with wires woven through tiny ring magnets. In lattices that were swapped out as necessary.

They could have easily died a thousand times over on the trip there. A thousand more on the way back, with hundreds to spare for the actual surface of the moon. Yet, by the time the third such mission was underway, the rest of Humanity found it boring. Which pretty much sums up Humanity in the smallest of nutshells. Do something often enough and, no matter how risky, dangerous, or expensive, it will be tired and old hat to any Human observers.

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