Set Course, Warp Ten Billion

I managed to back myself into some MEGA nonsense today. Purely by accident, of course. Nevertheless...

Today, I have the usual unfuckening and output shenanigans of course. I also owe my listeners a new ep of Inter-Mission since I forgot last week [thought I did it... didn't :P ] and this might as well be the new schedule because fuckit.

I also have a shrink visit because this Tuesday gone was supposed to be the visit, but I had to reschedule. Now here's where it gets tricky. The initial reschedule was for around 1:30 in the afternoon on the forthcoming Tuesday. This meant trusting Mayhem with that which he had failed at before, so I expressed a preference for an earlier time.

That earlier time is at quarter-to-one TODAY.

It means I have a smidgeon more wriggle room with greeting Tessa, but there is one other thing.

I forgot that a meeting with family-of-a-friend was also happening today... so now THAT has been bumped to later in the afternoon.


You can't scriptwrite this horseshit. You just can't.

Anyway, it's a busy day and I should just get on with it. The more output I do now, the less I have to fret about later.

ADDENDUM - the meet has been moved to tomorrow morning so we can all have a better time of it.