Challenge #02612-G055: Befriending Sunshine

I figured I would take a stab at hoping for a part 2 of a story? It's from this prompt.

Ms. Lilcoon goes looking for her friend, Mr. Sunshine, after she has the surgery on her paws to make them more like dextrus hands. She's grateful he saved her and had tried to keep in touch by writing him. But with her hands bandaged for a bit, writing would be hard. She told her family about what happened, of how he saved her, and was given permission to go and meet him for lunch and a chat. After all, everyone needs to have friends, right? -- DaniAndShali

One of the allegedly nice things about modern technology was that hands were no longer necessary for writing. One of the drawbacks of speech to text was still that it couldn't transcribe everything. Lil was at a further disadvantage because the painkillers also slowed her tongue and slurred her speech. Half the time, her family and carers didn't understand her. The other half was spent in reassuring her that the Pax Humanis enforcer would not hurt her.

She tried to tell them that she was not a delicate and precious flower. She tried to tell them that she was not a fragile Havenworlder. She, too, was from Deathworlder stock, but the attending Mediks interpreted her protests as becoming upset or disturbed and ramped up the tranquillisers. It was a long time before she was able to make herself clear.

In that time, she feared that Mr Sunshine might believe she had abandoned him. It took some explaining, once she was on lighter painkillers, that Mr Sunshine had been nothing but protective of her and had even saved her from a Nufurrian who had attempted to claim her as both property and a bedmate. That was when the blocks between herself and him came down.

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