Saturday - Day Two - Insanity

The world is going crabonkers around me and here's why:

  • Destiel [Dean/Castiel on Supernatural] is made canon in the finale and then IMMEDIATELY followed by Bury Your Gays as the forces of the Writer's Room instantly send Castiel to Super Mega Hell
  • Rumours of Putin retiring because Parkinson's/Cancer/AIDs/Who knows have escaped because someone dropped a pre-written piece somewhere.
  • USA election shenanigans continue at a mind-boggling rate

There's a LOT to unpack, here.

  • The right wing is self-owning as the Muppet's hare-brained cult members are finding "lost" mail-in ballots and insisting they be counted at gunpoint
  • There are also idiots with guns attempting to hold up "fraudulent" ballot counting centres
  • I kind'a hope they meet up and shoot each other at this point but no, they're in different states
  • Muppet's supposed concession speech was an aimless ramble about how he would have won if only the "legal" votes were counted
  • People on one of my discord channels are chanting 'snom' as an effort to imbue some magical election results
  • There are no memes for any of this. Nobody could possibly be prepared for any of this
  • Everyone is going berserk
  • The person who runs Tumblr Heritage Posts predicted an extra season of Sherlock, and then the BBC apparently announced it?

I'm still catching up with the chat about all of this as my dough thaws. I'm still scrolling through the screaming on Tumblr. So here's personal news:

  • I got the mysterious brown yick off the banneton covers my Beloved made. Yay.
  • They shrank in the wash. Boo.
  • So I'm back to using the old reliable tea towels.
  • The family has taken my making bread to mean "eat the extant stockpile". Fam. Pls.

No matter what happens, at least there will be bread.