Saturday, Day Three, Shopping!

So a few days ago I realised that I would have to start PLNing for Yulemas. I usually start panicking about this time of year long about two weeks after my own birthmas. Because that's a thing. I have a budget and 90% of the time it's slim. So advance planning makes a better yule.

It's not looking to be great. All the people in my life are hard to buy for. Either they don't care or they don't want anything. Which is frustrating.

At least I know my spawns need shirts of their own so they can stop stealing ours. And maybe something aesthetically pleasing for Miss Chaos. Mayhem is one of those people who don't care.


We will be either acquiring nonsense or sourcing it for Yulemas.

I am NOT looking at the headlines today. Flakk the news.