Saturday, Day 6, Mor Bread

So one loaf made on Wednesday turned out to be a sod [bum!] but we turned it into bruchetta-esque [bruchettesque?] and now there's a slight need for more bread because there's still only one loaf in the freezer.

I'm working with Ingrid today, and since I had a sod out of the batch, I'm going back to the four-hour proof in the hope that that works. Still going for the double breadpan thing. Eliminate the variables one at a time. Even if I still get a sod, there's (a) more bruchettesque, (b) still one loaf for the freezer. Yay?

There's still six active cases and it's day six of this nonsense... if a third six turns up, I am hiding in the bathtub.

I'm going to make bread, eat carbs, and slob around in my PJ's. Somewhere in that, I shall be creating fiction. Huzzah.

In the news:

  • ScoMo's shameful texts make the headline
  • Everyone hates Facebook
  • Driver tapes receipt to car, avoids parking tickets
  • Musk and Bezos in a dick-measuring contest about who has the most imaginary counters we call 'money'
  • JB HiFi flips the bird to Amazon, stays alive despite Lockdown

Ingrid's still growing, so I shall attempt some fiction.