Saturday, Day 0, Tech Support

FIVE new cases. Fuck! The "good" news is that they're all imports and all sequestered in quarantine. Day Twelve without local transmission. The better news is that there's thirty-six active cases - a significant drop - and thirty in hospital. The death count is up to seven, so someone else has died thanks to this plague.


I've made my breads [Yay time management!] so now I'm free to get ready for the day ahead of time. Thanks 2AM wake-up time. Internal alarm clocks can sometimes work for me.

I'm currently on the nebuliser because Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season. When I'm done with my breathing meds I shall continue with personal hygeine nonsense and getting ready for the rest of the day. I'm probably going to get a lecture about insensitivity because of a call-out private message I sent to MeMum.

Me, who listens to the modern narratives rather than the last history lesson I received in school. Insensitive. Yeah. Good luck making that thing fly, Mr Goldberg.

In the news:

  • Ironic news! Muppet vanishing from the newsfeeds. News at eleven
  • Aussie pop star noped out of the Olympics
  • Andrew Peacock passed on
  • Her Majesty holding strong
  • Health experts say the human race could die out in thirty years, just like they said thirty years ago
  • TikTokker uses tanning bronzer to do blackface for the lols. Tell me more about how racism is dead
  • ScoMo actually useful! He's been at a photo op picking up two pieces of debris after the cyclone disaster. Work gloves and hat, but no rolled-up sleeves. I may faint

Now I shower and dress, and then get on with the fiction.