Saturday, Day 0, feasting ho

There's FOUR new cases, taking the total count to eleven. It's time to hide under my rock. Good news for me is that I have no plans to go anywhere and do anything.

I'm going to be posting a story as soon as possible of course, and then maybe catching up with CritRole or just bingeing something until an early bedtime. All so I can catch Toasty's art stream at fuckoff AM tomorrow.

I should be getting my fancy new chair next week, after spending a little irresponsibly to get a new one. Cheap chairs break. I have learned this. Maybe going a little bit upmarket might help things. Might.

We'll see.

In the news:

  • Teenager finds a corpse on the beach
  • Aussie olympian addicted to crystal meth
  • New sex assault claims surface against parliament
  • Liberal's MP quitting after being outspoken against horrible sexist treatment, possibly due to horrible sexist treatment
  • Mitch McConnell back to sucking up to the Muppet
  • Prince Consort Philip going to spend a week in the hospital
  • Muppet plotting revenge
  • Dude allegedly spotted yanking it in a Gold Coast carpark
  • Abandoned planes once owned by a defunct business are found to be succumbing to rot. Shocker
  • List of foods that can only be found in Australia includes: Chiko rolls, beets in burgers, fairy bread, golden gaytimes, and bertie beetles. Spoilers, nobody else wants them

Onwards to fiction creation.