Challenge #02969-H046: Don't Try to Understand it

Many birds on Earth are unaffected by capsacinoids in hot peppers (mammals are bothered, but mammal digestive systems destroy the seeds of the pepper plants, while avian digestive systems let the seeds pass through unharmed). May we see some avian sentients enjoying a nice ghost pepper and carolina reaper salad with a flavorful habenero sauce? Eye-watering fumes that could bother any nearby mammals are a bonus. -- Anon Guest

Pretty much everyone agrees that Humans are fairly weird. They're hairless apes possessing of peculiar Deathworlder logic based on skewed theology verifying greed as good, yet they also spread their pack-bonding far and wide and evolved strictly through co-operative behaviours. No Human is insular, but also every Human is unique.

No matter how often they seem to possess a hive mind.

As for what any given Human is willing to eat, avian-origin Alliance citizens are advised to warn Humans when capsaicins and pepperins are present in a foodstuff. Why? Well, the Humans call it 'baby tongue'. These Deathworlders have adapted to ingest things that evolved to repel mammals like themselves. They like the burn. Well. Some of them do. The ones with 'baby tongue' do not like the burn and can suffer if any is applied internally.

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