Challenge #02970-H047: The Lifelong Argument

Could we have a sequel to this one, please? She releases the animals she was holding one night and then has a fast take-off just as her people are arguing with the obstinate vegans, her people rescue her so that the small pod-ship she managed to salvage and escape in is now safely in one of her people's cruisers, and the vegans are screaming, maybe even firing at them, trying to force them to "give her back" since "she lived on our world, the criminal has to learn our laws" type of BS? And how they get shouted down, or lose in the courts, or something because what they were demanding was pretty much murder? -- Anon Guest

Plabari was ticked off. Large portions of its citizens were up in arms about the horrendous crime of having a filthy carnivore living their "lifestyle choice" for over a year. If the horrible filthy meat-eater had just confessed, they opined, they'd have given them a much better life and helped them become truly healthy before they were free to go. But only once Plabari was absolutely certain they'd been cured of their horrible addiction to -ugh- meat.

The CRC was not impressed with Plabari's argument. They knew that their idea of help was a slow and lingering death sentence for an obligate carnivore like Harro "Veganwraith" Silentfoot. In the past, the argument worked, but the Plabari kept moving the goalposts to qualify as cured. Their captive-hostage died of entirely preventable causes and the CRC refused to let them have another such win.

So therefore the argument was set to rage until the lifetime end of the actual individuals involved. Which was much longer because Harro got out of their own pickle themselves. Thanks to the delay of communication and administration tangled in red tape, the conversation between the two was very slow indeed.

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