Saturday, Bread, Day Zero, Kitty Chaos

One more from off the shore, eight active cases [I can presume that the two now off the list got better] and mutterings of open borders in time for Christmas.

Here comes Plague-a-claus....

Ahem. I'm a bitter bitch. Ignore me.

I have kitties to sequester in their carrycases because TODAY is finally the day that I drag them off for their vaccines. Huzzah. Since I'm also making TWICE the bread, this weekend, I have Beloved babysitting my starter and maybe the actual loafs. Time windows are a THING.

At least I have a rack to turn the baked bread out onto. Yay.

In the news:

  • Muppet aids claim he knows it's over, the liars
  • China congratulates Biden on his win
  • Yorkshire Ripper dies after refusing coronavirus treatment
  • Arizona called for Biden
  • Small wedding of 55 people kills seven, causes multiple outbreaks. OFC this happened in the USA
  • Obama confesses to smoking during his term in the Whitehouse. Scandalous
  • Muppet Press Secretary caught out on double standards with past videos
  • China continues to not trade with Australia after ScoMo said mean things about them in relation to Covid-19
  • Muppet is about to be fighting all sorts of self-caused trouble including, but not limited to: massive debt, tax fraud trials, allegations of sexual misconduct, having a "hush fund" and the associated coverups, and maybe an incoming divorce from Melania
  • Article goes on to state that his claims about being able to give himself a pardon from all that are negligible at best, and dodgy at worst
  • US election officials now state that Muppet's claims of voter fraud are completely fabricated, there's no evidence at all
  • Australian fire season to get longer and worse, say experts
  • Tattooed, foul-mouthed dad of six can feed the family on $8 and hooray for him. This may be the cue for the right wing to cut support for the needy even further, so watch out

I have Wilson on my desk and the cyclone headache of yesterday only went away when I had some actual food. Like, hell. The headache from hell kills my appetite. When the painkillers don't do it, eat something. Yargh.

I might have to come up with a Keto Cheese Melt or something. Sourdough, cheese, something for flavour. Bonus. May or may not include sour cream.

Story real soon now.