Returning to the Wagon

So I didn't make myself sick on sugar, but I came pretty close. Amazingly, I stayed at a steady weight despite eating two entire bars of Lindt milk chocolate, bowls of assorted small eggs, and one each from the large Whitman's Sampler. I did actually have protein, in the form of some fried chicken.

Today, though, I will probably stick to the broth. If I go near solids, then it'll either be steak or grilled chicken. I may even make a jelly.

It all depends.

Today is both Monday and a public holiday, so it will be an effort to make myself work on the next portion of novel. It's been too long. I'll aim for my usual five hundred words, and if I go over, then hooray. If I get to one thousand, it's a bonus.

Today will mostly be about not falling asleep from delayed sugar crash, to be honest.

Things needed for first Inter-Mission episode:

  • [X] Intro music
  • [X] Intermission music (loop-able)
  • [X] Outro music
  • [X] One story (unedited)
  • [ ] Half an hour's worth of sound
  • [ ] Some kind of Splash Art (eeps)

I need more stories. I need more palaver. I need to troll for some Q's to A. Once I have something approaching - or a bit over - half an hour's worth of stuff, I will have one whole episode almost ready to go.

I need to make like ten of these before I have a good idea of a creation schedule. Waking up at 3AM helped me concoct the Outro with Mayhem's help. Maybe next time I wake up at 3AM, I can read a couple more stories.

The starter tales were firkin SHORT, my dear readers. There's going to be a lot of content in the early eps.

We shall see how this one goes.