Challenge #02294-F104: Some Came Along -- Anon Guest

Terrans believe in ghosts. Well. Most of them do. There's some phenomena amongst those sensitive to infrasound, magnetic radiation from electronica, and liminal spaces. There's also the growing Esper population who are unaware of their native abilities and prescribe activities or voices to spirits.

However, there are more than a few... incidents... that defy the explanations of science. Echoes in dark corridors from feet that aren't there. Whispers just out of understanding. Ships made of nothing but light, crewed by wandering skeletons, that fly through stations that weren't there before they died...

Then there's things like the Flying Dutchman, the stars of yesteryear, and random entities manifesting small tokens of their presence throughout both Edge Space and any areas of the Alliance where Humans can walk freely. People who never saw the launch of Apollo 11 come to space stations and decide to move in for reasons that elude everyone, even the Humans who seemingly brought them along.

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