Progressing... Slowly

Executive decisions are being made. My concerns about the initial bends in some of our planks has been addressed at last - we're using nuts and bolts to put this behemoth together.

We have more toys, in this case, an iron-shaped sanding thingie to adjust the fact that I cut some holes too narrow for the wood to fit. Because I stressed about the whole "mark with chalk" part of the deal. I know better now.

Today, on my PLN, I have a house unfuckening happening. So it's more than likely that I won't get any woodwork done. I will be working on my worldbuilding and perhaps adding a paragraph or two to the first book. Now available for live perusal to those who are serious about commenting. Contact me if you're interested on keeping me lined up and behaving myself at being politically correct.

I freely admit, I'm whiter than a fish belly. Writing a black main character in a fantasy novel may be crossing a line that I'm unaware exists. Making her trans may also be crossing a line. I don't know. I mean... I'm not a lizard from the planet Groxnark, but I can bend my mind in that direction and create that point of view.

Key decisions I already made:

  • Black trans woman in a (mostly) white country
  • NOT a slave
  • May be a curiosity amongst the locals
  • Makes her own E with the help of a special yam she brought with
  • Perhaps befriended the local apothecary/alchemist (she should have made some friends!)
  • Using incidental Swahili might be a thing? I'm considering it as a resource, but I don't know about how... right... that would be.

In fact, I'm not going to have slaves mentioned at all. Serfs, perhaps. Slaves, no. Anyone who wants to whine about historical accuracy can bite me.

The PLN is to work up character sheets and stuff for ready reference. Which will only happen on my main compy because Lappy is far away and I can't figure out how to get the notes thing I'm using on the iPad.

I can write in Google Docs on that thing, so I will definitely do that.

It's almost 5AM. Let's see how much Instant I can get done before the needs of the day take me away.