Challenge #02336-F146: We Can be Heroes

Almost everyone remembers where they were the week the Sun turned Green. Scientists the world over confirmed it was an interstellar dust wave caused by an ancient supernova that had interacted with our atmosphere.

Humanity had continued mostly unaffected. But this was the stuff of comic books and movies. the changes were subtle at first. People noticing enhanced benefits from consuming certain plants, others started tapping into new abilities, and as time progressed things became... strange

now we had almost legitimate "supers" people who were double fast, double strong, who could levitate, or sense peoples thoughts.

And then there were the men and women that Previously called themselves "witches" or "Druids" or "Magic users" (that were always just considered whacked out hippy types, or at worst devil worshipers by the fundamentalists), were actually performing, for lack of a better description, magic, by mixing herbs and plants for enhanced effects.

And in my head keeps circling that damned Bob Dylan lyric about changing times... -- Adam from Darwin

Call me Tetris. I was a little kid when the Green Sun happened, and I remember loving it because the world had gone lime. I was five. Lime was my jam and I loved everything green. I didn't like it when things went back, I remember that. I remember watching every single Youtube video about the green sun because I wanted it back.

I guess that was why I knew everything about the Power Creep when it happened to me. They can't call it Mutation, because nobody's DNA got changed. They can't call it Manifestation - I think someone has the copyright on that. So they call it Power Creep. Me? I can instantly know measurements of things by eye and mentally fit stuff together without even trying.

Bugs the hell out of some dudes. Girls aren't supposed to know that your metalwork project is two millimeters off, for some reason. We're especially not allowed to pack things neatly, efficiently, and in one quarter of the space they say they need. My first paying job was sorting out someone's old warehouse. I cleared up half the volume of the place and pissed off my boss. I help builders with things, sometimes. The ones who can get over gender roles, anyway.

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