Write a Little, Do a Little...

Write, write, write, do a lot, write a little more...

That't the basis of the PLN for today. I didn't wake at 3AM, so I'm at something of a handicap. I can't for instance, have the freedom to waste time faffing about and still get my Instant done.


I write the Instant, I attempt to measure the cuts on the remaining posts, but not all of them because an angle will be needed for two of the sides. I write the flash fanfic, I set up the circular saw. I work on Kingdom of Sand, I maybe cut a notch or two.

I don't think I'll have the time to do any notch cutting today, but I can plausibly get things lined up for the next installment.

By Thursday, perhaps, I might reach the wall of not having the angle necessary for the last cuts. Then we're putting this thing together and sorting all the other mess out.

Including digging up a garden bed, laying out a concrete floor, and all the other jiggery-pokery including literal nuts and bolts. Fun times ahead.

We have this week and next week to get this noise together, and I'm left doing most of it because Beloved is off doing programming stuff and I'm not. The completion of this project largely depends on my weak noodly writer arms. Pray for us.

Meanwhile, I have to figure out a narrative for a trilogy that includes an alien life form that is basically deadly and how to get that noise solved in three books instead of one. Without making it boring.

I think more than one week might be necessary. I need to deep dive into this thing.