Plns, Stresses, and Distractions

PLN: Go to see Thor: Ragnarok tonight with Beloved.

Stress: Getting back on the agent hunt with low hopes and grim determination

Distractions: The frequently afforementioned gorgeous arsehole of an elf with a tortured past. And writing said tortured past in glorious gut-wrenching detail.

What I also have PLN'd is finishing up the details on the cover for Beauties and the Beastly, a task that will happen this afternoon because the morning sun makes visibility on my iPad Pro supremely difficult. I have the shadows on the dresses, the wolf's teeth, and the napkins to micromanage before I can call it done.

And I signed it in the "inking" stage, so it's all good. Even Beloved pronounced it "looking good", so it must be okay.

It better bloody look good. I've spent a lot of time on this noise.

The tricky part will be picking the font. I don't want to go the cliche route of swirly curlicue shit for this, but I also want it to look good, as well.

Any suggestions, blablabla...