Challenge #01757-D296: Flinging For Science

Bored Science class discovers Trebuchet. (Medieval rock flinger). -- Anon Guest

The substitute teacher, there for a month, didn't know shit about science. In fact, they had strong anti-science beliefs and would not easily be swayed on this. The school heard the classes' complaints and did exactly nothing about it.

So they got together during the lunch hour and plotted how to prove that science worked despite anyone's beliefs. "Okay. We got 'flat earth' and a gif of the earth turning isn't going to cut it. Pictures of space are faked. We can't use anything modern."

"Physics," said Jess. "Gallileo. Mediaeval siege weapons. Flat earth formula versus round earth formula." She showed them her phone and a page she had bookmarked. The flat earth cannon ball would go up at a continuous angle, and then vector at an angle on the falling side. And, the class had to note, be off by a significant percentage. She added, "I have a model trebuchet that can shoot marshmallows. We can do this with like half a bag and the back oval."

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