Zombie Mode

Good news: Saw Thor: Ragnarok with Beloved.

Bad news: The movie began at eight in the evening.

Worse news: Chaos decided to stay up until I yelled at her to go to sleep. Roughly at 10:30 PM

I need coffee... and we're fresh out. Gotta swing by the only Costco in Queensland and get myself a big-arse box of L'Or caffeine capsules. And I currently have $5 to my good self, so it's raid the bank or collapse.

I hate having to check which bank account I can use, but that's where I am, this week.

Next week... I am probably going to hammer the bank accounts because ferrying son of mine to his traineeship. And ferrying him back. At $50 a tank, that's going to rip through the old funds.

Nothing to be done about it, in the end. It's a temporary thing and will be over soon enough. Just like the fog in my head from last night.

As far as 'excess' goes, I'm very dull. "Stay up too late having fun" is about all I really do. With an occasional carb feast and regretting it later. No drinking. No drugs. Not even smoking.

Of course, all three of those will kill me pretty much instantly, so yeah. Reasons.

But now it's time to do the daily routine. Blah.