Challenge #01756-D295: Equal Access

And you don't get your driver's license back until you've helped repair and restore a car for someone in need. And this was actually done to a group of young "Hoons" for acting like -well- "hoons". -- Knitnan

People tend to think that 'equal access' means denying something to the abled. Cutting down those with an advantage to the level of the disadvantaged. Removing something that is already there. Such can be the case, but it also involves improving things for those who just can't.

And in the case of Max Terindale, serial occupier of handicapped parking spaces when he was not, himself, disabled... the courts had decided on a unique punishment.

Installing access assistance for the disabled. Which began with adding curb cuts to sidewalks in areas that were low on the government's repair list. A process that involved adding a ramp to the safer side whilst he messed around with concrete and the bolts that would hold the friction bubbles in place. And he would not get his license back until the entire neighbourhood was fully accessible.

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