Fun Times Ahoy

Today is Mayhem's Discovery Day. He is spending 9-5 at the offices of his Traineeship place in Upper Tullagawoopwoop. And I'm the taxi.

Which means a pretty drastic re-arrangement of my evening schedule, but I can probably deal.

The pain in my butt right now is the fact that I had anxiety over this day to the point where sleep was (a) almost unattainable, (b) erratic, and (c) interrupted by just about anything.

So I need coffee.

LOTS of coffee.

And my ability to focus may not be the best in the world. Again. Or still. Because shiny shiny elf ideas and torturing characters I love because they're that magnificent an arsehole.

I'm getting a little bit better, though. I haven't slipped and done any more one-shots. I'm focussing on the three longer fictions that I have running. All with a shared continuity.

Because I'm a huge nerd like that, that's why.

And now I have to focus as hard as I can on the things that must be done.