Paper Chase!

It's been literal years since Mayhem got his Autism diagnosis [then known as Asperger's, which is now part of ASD yay] and I have since misplaced any paperwork I had regarding his diagnosis. Three guesses what he needs for the employment mob?


The paperwork related to the thing.

So. Today, we are on the hunt for the paperwork necessary to go ahead with whatever the employment mob wants. Fun times.

I have not been writing very fast at all, especially not in the fun stuff. I'm barely chugging forward at very much at all. Small wonder, considering the news.

Protests are continuing in the US, but because they're decidedly not violent, they're not news-worthy. Thus leading people to think all the fuss is over. It's not. Not by a long shot. These things take MONTHS to make significant changes.

Speaking of months to make a change, the Karen Squad in Victoria are lying about their home suburb to try and skate out of the containment measures without consequences. It's people like you who are making the problem. KAREN. Fuckin' entitled arseholes making more problems for everyone else, I hope it bites them in the bum. HARD.


And now the news:

  • Uncertain economic resources may be one reason why Victorians are refusing tests. If they're kept at home because they're infected, they then have no income
  • Guards with 5 minutes of training have been accused of sexual misconduct with the people in Hotel Quarantine
  • The wave of infections blamed on Black Lives Matter protest is instead related to visitors to a Quarantine Hotel getting infected from the people disobeying quarantine orders to stay in their firkin rooms
  • China, Australia, and a lot of Indo-Pacific places are flexing at each other as China apparently wants to take over the world now
  • A new strain of Swine Flu is threatening to swoop in and pick off all the people who managed to dodge Covid-19
  • USA wants to buy the entire supply of Covid-19 treatment and thereby profit off of global misery. Cost of a full treatment is upwards of US$3K
  • The Muppet continues to do nothing about Putin killing US soldiers despite being "the most informed person on Earth"
  • Scotty From Marketing claims we will never surrender if it does come to war. There's also an "echidna policy" to apparently make any invaders rack off
  • More complaints about the Sacred Economy in regards to Victoria's shenanigans

It's the end of the world as we know it. Let's try and get a cute story going.