Challenge #02730-G173: Hunting for the Delicate

Some older humans bring their alien friends to a bingo parlor for a night of playing bingo and having snacks. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Though I am of bingo-playing age, I only have the vaguest idea how it is played]

"This is a perfect game for the frailer sort," said Human Jem. "Little strenuous activity, but it still tests observation, response time, and searching skills."

This was a Deathworld game, so Glex knew the right question to ask. "What are you hunting?"

Human Jem laughed and nodded. "You nailed it. We're hunting numbers, and these," they handed Glex a piece of cardboard with a grid on one side, "are the hunting ground." The grid, on further examination, held numbers within each square. "The goal is to get five of them in a straight line. Vertically, horizontally, or diagonally."

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