One More Long Weekend

The kids return to schooling this Tuesday. Which means that I have until Monday to get them sleeping during the night again. Not. Easy.

And it's Friday, so that means some nice treat-style foods for dinner. And since I plan to finally get into my promised ice cream, that means a Keto-but-still-a-treat dinner. So... probably cooked chook salad because easy, and quick, and lets me use Saturday for my carb feast.

That's the PLN.

Today, I have a thousand words to do. Today's story to do. And I have once again procrastinated on the Patreon rewards. Whoops.

Patrons are finally getting new chapters of Clockwork Souls to read. It's going to be four more weeks [Assuming I don't forget] before there's new chapters of Rael for my loyal readers.

The 'trickle down' plan may be good for me, because it means I don't have to re-post stuff at different levels... but I don't know what it means for my readers.

Nobody on Patreon tells me a damn thing. So I make sure to welcome new Patrons when they turn up. And when I remember, I tell them what's going on with my Patreon site.

It is ROUGH trying to figure this stuff out. I can't afford to sponsor anyone and find out that way because irregular income is a bitch. And it sucks.

The plus side of today is that I got to listen to a fresh ep of The Adventure Zone and those good McElroys are more or less picking up from where the short arc left off. There was no sign of any stuff in the back room or the displays of the Cryptonomica this week, so I have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS to see if sending a list of random and funny crap ideas off to the McElroys will net me some free advertising.

Fingers crossed.

Other than that, I have the occasional "Tell your friends I exist" thing via Tumblr/Twitter/Steem/Mirror/Pillowfort/Facebook/AO3 whenever the opportunity presents itself.

AND... this weekend... I am committing to putting something up on my Wordpress, and then linking said thing to my Tumblr/Twitter/Mirror/Pillowfort/blablabla so I can maybe generate some buzz about Murder Dollhouse. Which I not-so-secretly wish was generating buzz.

Because I think it's a cool idea. It's something I could get heavily into and maybe go overboard about it if it was on Netflix. I mean, someone besides the burden-centric Autism $peaks has to realise the cash potential of autistic people and it might as well finally be someone on the firkin spectrum.

That, and I want to live in a world where television can teach the nypicals how to work to relate to the neurodiverse.