Challenge #01924-E100: A Tisket, A Tasket...

Coracle. Ancient form of water transport made out of sticks, cow hide* and waterproofing. *any firm waterproof material will do. -- Anon Guest

The human was messing around with the local vegetation again. They had already taken some fallen wood and whittled two paddles, and now they were making a positively enormous basket out of the long, bendy reeds that had once been growing by this lake.

"Is this a temporary shelter?" asked Thok.

"Nope," said Human Grif. Still lashing things together with some of their hand-made twine. Using both hands, at least one of their feet, and occasionally their teeth to prevent the whole thing from becoming an unanticipated human trap[1]. They finished tying one spar and carefully swapped holding its other end together with their toes in favour of tying it down too. "This is sort of a boat."

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