Ice Cream at Last!

I have been waiting since BEFORE EASTER to finally had a tub of ice cream from Messrs Ben and Jerry. So here's a recap of what went agley:

  • Chocolate takes priority - actual Erastide loaded with the chocolatey goodness and an ENTIRE BIG BOWL of fun-size sugary temptation. Did not even consider ice cream
  • Big Day at the Movies - Going out to see some action thing with the fam. And an assortment of carby deliciousness that survived through the NEXT FUCKING WEEK
  • And then there's today. I have a tub of Ben&Jerry's Cinnamon Bunz ice cream. Mayhem has dotted onto the Phish Food, and my attempts to get the family to eat the Pauls Dollop are an abysmal failure. Oh well.
  • I get onto said ice cream five seconds after I'm done with today's Instant
  • P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N !

So there's where I am. I'm going to be sugar-addled because I also tried a sampler pot of their "candy floss" ice cream. Which does taste like fairy floss/spun sugar because it contains little crunch balls of the stuff they use to make it. Amazing.

Also we got a family pack of Gaytimes and some froyo paddle pops. The day is done for, my dears.