Once More Into the Breach...

Mayhem is, once again, feeling poorly. Though he has apparently been suffering for three days, he decided not to mention anything until this morning. Showing a timing worthy of the typical Monday-itus.

He did throw up, though, which is my usual bar to pass for staying at home. Same with a fever.

Good luck for me - he's seeing an expert in digestive issues tomorrow, so we should get some form of resolution this time. Huzzah. And if we don't get a note from the expert, I can scratch one out for the school. No worries, I hope.

I have sent off Adapting to Baen and thanks to their tracker, I can see what's happening with it. A very welcome relief from the usual radio silence.

I love you, Baen Books. Even though I may be rejected by y'all. Bless.

Other accomplishments this weekend include catching up on Season 2 of Critical Role so I shall be waiting for Thursday/Friday like all the other nerdy-ass listeners.

And I'm wondering if I shouldn't fill the rest of my week with watching Season 1... Y'know. Just so I can catch the in-jokes.

The weather's getting gradually warmer, which means I'm contemplating washing my thermals in preparation for next winter and forking out for dry-cleaning my big coat. This, of course, is a cue for the weather to snap cold once more. I'm no fool. I'm not doing any of that stuff until late October. Nerny nerny ner ner.

Yes, I am well aware that thermal undies should be laundered more frequently, but just try getting them away from my temperature-sensitive arse during winter. I have plans to get more sets as soon as money and ability co-incide once more.


Since it is the turn of the month, I have some squirrelings to secrete away for the Total Lappy Fund(tm). And some solid prayers that seeing the expert tomorrow won't put a dent in my long-term goals.