Challenge #02071-E247: What it Was, What it is

"It's a family heirloom." -- Knitnan

Those four words, unfortunately, did not answer the question. It was old, Kelly could tell that much. It had been through much, if the uncleanable burn scars and dents were any indication. It plausibly had moving parts, but now they were mangled or rusted or fused shut. Whatever its original purpose was, it was now, effectively, a work of art.

"I get that it's old. I just wanted to know what it is. Or was. It looks like it had a function."

"Does it?" said Sam. She took it out of the glass-fronted display cabinet and turned it around and over. Looking at it as if contemplating that revelation. "Someone welded bits of it together..." She finally put it down in its original position. "I don't even know the story. It's just been passed down from generation to generation."

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