Okay. I've got this.

A kitty's due to have some jabs today. Mayhem also wishes to get some underpinnings we can get for cheap. So today promises to be... hectic. Especially since he's due to work potentially soon after the underpinnings shenanigans.

Boy insists on wearing a hecking huge winter coat to conceal his uniform and I SWEAR he's gonna get heat stroke or something because Aussie summers SUCK. But of course he swears he's fine and doesn't need me fretting and oh my gosh, he's just... just gonna learn the hard way. Damnit.

I've already got my Patreon stuff out (yay) and I should be able to get my 500 words done in KOSBOB whilst watching for Chaos' bus.

For now... I need to get some clothes and stuff so I'm ready to conquer today. See you in the funny pages.