Challenge #02524-F334: An Appeal

"On this show we talk about humans, and for the most part it's scary stuff. But not today. Because there is one thing you can't say to a human, "you can't"

Today we will tell the story of a human who was told, "You can't save everyone. You will just die trying" " -- Hyorky

Go hard or go home, -- Terran saying.

The two most fate-inducing words to say to a Human are, you can't. Humans will defy logic, reason, and the laws of physics to prove that they can. Even when given reasons why not, they will simply endure that and emerge at the other end, bloody and victorious. Sometimes... they pay for those victories with more than blood.

Human pack-bonding flows both ways. They want you to be friends with them. They want you to like them. And despite this, they know that it will hurt us more when they pay for our lives with theirs. Humans have a culture steeped in self-sacrifice for the greater good, and we must all remember that. At Cestus Two, we forgot, and it almost cost our Human Lar her life.

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