Okay. I can do this...

I just put the skeleton of a plot together for books one and two of Kingdom of Sand. Fantastic, but I still haven't worked out our heroes, how magic works, or anything of the ilk.

I should do that sometime RSN. I'm thinking Equivalent Exchange plus Personal Will and True Awareness equals magical powers and the ability to change what is. It should be tremendously difficult and maybe two of the party at most has a nebulous handle on the stuff.

Might could make my trans heroine a little bit magical. A fraction of the mightiest and most reputable, that she uses for practical purposes. I know, I know... potential Mary Sue yadda yadda, but... There would be more people with like, one small ability that they can use near-instinctively than there would be people who can Warp the World to Their Whims (tm). Those would be extremely rare nerds who spend their whole lives studying things and hoping one of their progeny is a prodigy so they can pass on their tips and tricks.

Putting that in the narrative might feel like an afterthought if they don't meet someone of Superior Skill(tm) somewhere along the way in the first book. So I gotta find a place for that. Maybe a Roaming Mage breezes through my heroine's life and she asks about the transformation she needs in order to feel whole.

Obvi, they're one of the few people she can feel comfortable talking about that, because being trans induces a lot of paranoia, et cetera. The educated can be cool about it, but many... just aren't. We know this.

I have a lot to sort out and no trans ppl of colour to ask. Halp.

Meanwhile, in physical project news, I was able to calibrate the saw, yesterday. Loads of running around and appointments and bullshit. Including a costco run to see where the hell they hid the seaweed this week.

I swear, they just move that shit wherever they feel like it... It's frustrating. On the other hand, Chaos loves the fuck out of them and I'm partial, so it's a winner.

Now it is time for Chaos' Bus Watching, so I shall be scribing more of a fanfic whilst I wait. No news from the Apple Store about my returning lappy, yet. I can barely wait. Being able to take all of my show on the road is freedom for me.

But wait I must. And wait I shall do now.