Challenge #02339-F149: Taking Account

Political Hopeful scouting for votes and says "Those Words" - "How can I help?" You can spin this anyway you like. -- Anon Guest

There's two ways to be a Politico of the People. One is to take the vocal majority's word and run with it all the way to a populist poll... and the other is to actually listen to all of the people. The latter is far more difficult to do and harder to accomplish, so many Politico's don't even try.

Not Solomon Grady. Sol absorbed a popular speech about choosing to do the things because they were hard. The difficult things to do were, ultimately, the most rewarding. Science is still ploughing through all the data and samples they got from going to the moon. Therefore, he gathered data from the neighbourhoods where he was running.

Not just a survey, but opinions. The phrase, "How can I help?" became his catch phrase. The data he returned with was phenomenal, but it became a plan. Step one: ignore the racist and sexist trolls with self-entitled whining about how such-and-such group of people 'stole their job' or any other like thing. It is the peak of entitlement to claim something as one's own before it is ever earned.

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