Monday - Day Zero

Two new cases. One from overseas and the other a contact of a previous case. All in quarantine and secure.

Today is unfuckening nonsense, Instant Story, and maybe getting to one hundred words in my novel. If I feel like it. My writing has been a little in a Meh mood and school holidays don't help that along much.

It looks like the Long Haulers are in for a very long haul as some lingering symptoms look like they're going to be clinging for life. The meaner-spirited part of me wishes every single one of them on the people who believe this plague is a hoax. Honestly, though, I am chronically ill and I wouldn't wish that level of bullshit on anyone.

Not even a dangerous ratbag essential-oils anti-mask anti-vax Karen Hoaxer. Nope. I wish on them something far, far worse. An epiphany. A realisation of the absolute, crystal clear truth.

Those are firkin painful. Been there, done that, spent a week in meltdown every time.

The Muppet and his toadies are trying to push ahead for a supreme court nomination in spite of the bullshit said toadies pulled when Obama was much further from the election date. They didn't want a left-wing judge put in saying six months was too close. How close is it now? Hypocrisy, thy name is Repugnican.

Billionaire avoids the same quarantine everyone else does because owning isolated mansion with potentially hundreds of at-risk staff but go off I guess.

Queensland is about to get some snorter storms. Blame Scotty From Marketing for ignoring climate change when it was cheaper and easier to solve.


The world is going to burn and it's all because of people who don't value what's really important. Spoilers, it's not money.