Monday, Day Two, Dictator's Fallout

This week, we are watching the debris from 2020 coming to a close. 2020 itself is the debris that is a direct result of 2016. My alarm this morning was We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel and... yeah... Today is the consequences of yesterday. And on and on it goes.

Social media platforms all over the map are cutting off the gigantic orange canker sore living in the Whitehouse. Even the Repugnican party wants to oust him from office. Well. Most of the Repugnican party wants to oust him. I'm a little suspicious of Biden not wanting to invoke Section 25 when he really should. I dunno what's going on in their heads over there.

I get the feeling that if the Democrat side had sunk this low, the Repugnicans would be screaming for heads to roll... but that's just me.

Onwards with the actual news:

  • About the only social media platforms that haven't banned the Muppet are: OnlyFans (softcore pr0n of your favourite people), Neopets (it's for babies), and Tumblr (here there be gender-bending left-leaning chaos gremlins). Let's see which one he picks
  • It's end-of-lockdown eve in Brisbane and we still don't know what's happening
  • Muppet minions clash with counter-demonstration of Antifa - guess who has more experience repelling actual violence? Yeah, the "weak" liberals
  • China has PLNs to exploit USA's chaos, because of course they do
  • There is ONE social media platform that hasn't blacklisted the Muppet, and it's Gab - the right wing "free speech" echo chamber that, like Parler, is about to get booted from the Apple Store
  • Someone shifted the blame onto Melania
  • Idiot jumped overboard and attempted to swim ashore in order to avoid quarantine. No shocker, they're now enjoying quarantine in an orange jumpsuit
  • Women in their 30's more likely to be scared of the Covid jab
  • Apparently the mob in Washington were literally after Mike Pence's head


You see why I prefer to live in fiction, no?