Challenge #02922-G365: Danger in Ignorance

It is the modern era. Faerie folk and other such beings are considered nothing but old stories. But, sometimes, stories are real. She was born with the gift to see the supernatural for who they were even if they hid amongst the normal modern world. She could understand their languages no matter how old or obscure it was. And read their words. From the most ancient to the most modern. And yet, as she grew older, she learned this was something handed down from mother to daughter for generations. An ability now quite rare as most of those that once had those gifts were often destroyed or otherwise came to harm long before they could bear children. Her family being one of the last. -- Anon Guest

There are places where a certain kind of person can glimpse into the Mythical. Some call them crazy. Some presume they're on drugs. In recent centuries past, they called them witch and killed them without mercy. Those with more than a modicum of sense learned to pay lip service to the dominant way of thought, and whisper to their gifted young to not talk about that with anyone who wasn't safe.

Of course I won't tell you how to find them. There's still people who will kill them for what they do. As for what they do? They stop incursions. They solve problems. They keep the peace. There are, after all, other worlds that others can't see. Without those who can glympse, the world would be utter chaos. Well. More utter chaos than what's normal for these days.

You wouldn't expect to find a fae infestation in Bumblefudge[1], Kansas. Melanie blamed those "cutesy" fairy doors people added into their gardens for the "aesthetic". Some people just weren't careful about who they invited. Since this was an especially dry region, they had put it into a rock garden with some succulents. A blessed rock garden, for criminy's sake! All you needed was the capstones and you had a standing circle! Right on the ley lines, too. Urgh. Karens were so gosh-darn fudging moronic sometimes.

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